New Hopes for 2012!


Am I the only one — or has this last year been a crazy year for a lot of people? Feel free to leave comments! I’d really like to know.

This time last year I had new hopes for 2011 and was really gaining on my goals. However, my Soul wanted a different experience (and why was I the last to know??) and the year took so many twists and turns I felt like I was on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Wheeeeeee! Gotta look at it that way. Thrilling adventure! New experiences. Tests to my endurance came one after another that make rowing 50 miles on a wild lake in the pitch dark crashing into newly downed trees and thick debris from a recent storm feel like a stroll in the park . And I thought the previous 51 years were hard.

I’m not being negative … actually I’m grateful I am still in one piece: NOT injured and very healthy. I’m in surprisingly good shape mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually … on the verge of the harvest and I’m tingling with anticipation. So many people have been supportive beyond the call of duty … so many blessings I would never have experienced if the bumps in the road weren’t there. I have always seen my mountain biking as a metaphor. I always see everything as a metaphor for that matter. Clearly, I do not prefer to ride the smooth trails. Where’s the challenge in that?

I am announcing I am stronger and better than ever. And I am ready for anything. What’s next? So many possibilities. All roads lead to The Cosmos in my life. You can interpret that any way you wish … they’ll all be true.

I welcome you to join me on this ANYTHING BUT BORING road to adventure where anything can and does happen that not even Gabriel Garcia Marquez could dream up in one hundred years of solitude. 

It’s only just begun.

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  1. Hi Neva, I agree. The wild ride has not felt unsafe for me, just wild. I brought no drama on myself, but was called upon to observe, mitigate and moderate out-of-control dramas in other people’s lives by being neutral, present, and consistent. I have been challenged to shift my ways to be a participant in “natural consequences” instead of shielding people from learning and evolving as quickly as the Divine intends. I have no judgment of why life took this turn for a year. Look at the meaning of the Rune Jera (Harvest). I see it as the final series of tasks, tests, lessons, cleansing and distilling the ultimate essence of things on all levels. Any losses I may perceive I have had … mainly in my fitness training, and it will come back quickly, may have been gains I am not aware of such as a need my body had to REST and repair my adrenals and possibly more serious issues the unrelenting stress of so many years may have been brewing in my body. I have eliminated all stress from my life and the need to strive. Like you, I have surrendered completely and can be nothing but present anymore. What a difference! I see the light too at the end of the endless tunnel. Did you read the post before this: Acceleration! Solidarity! THRIVE!!!? Something’s going to happen soon. Exciting, right? Thank you for sharing your experience. You are a precious spirit.

  2. Jeni, this has been (very notably and undeniably) the most fluxating year of my life so far. The main difference for me is that I am more stable in the fluxes than ever before, as well, and many of the old patterns and programs that used to derail me have dissolved. My biggest challenge this year has been staying mindful and staying present, in each moment. I am deeply and profoundly surrendering, at a depth I’ve never experienced before and that is, in large part because I sense the end is in sight. I see the Light at the end of an incredibly long tunnel of spiritual awakening and evolution. I feel the promise is kept, has been kept, by all of us in our own way. It’s a blessing to be here, still be alive and healthy and awake and ready. I salute all who chose to be here, now.

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