Offering Conscious Channelling Sessions

Personal Energy Management Clearing and Tools

Individually Customized Wellness Programs

For many years, as part of my intense cleansing detox retreat program, my clients would receive a “conscious channelling” reading from me at several stages of their program. First, to evaluate where they were out-of-balance physically, emotionally and spiritually, then to customize their program and finally we would immerse ourselves completely in a full hour or two session toward the end of their stay that would be recorded for them to take home. This reading most often would be a free-flowing conversation with the Divine and revealed amazing things for healing and soul-activation enabling them to leave the retreat and go back to their lives rejuvenated and empowered in ways they hadn’t anticipated!

I never did “readings” separate from the retreat. It was an essential part of the clearing process in my program — one of the most comprehensive cleansing programs available anywhere in the world at that time. Why else would anyone come to Birmingham, AL? People would search the world for someplace to go that offered something so comprehensive, and found it not in an exotic location as they hoped, but in the Deep South of the USA. You can understand why I was moving my business to Costa Rica!

I take quite seriously the many gifted people who do give readings and aid with spiritual healing and clearing for a living and I have respectfully supported them over the years by paying them many thousands of dollars to avail myself of their gifts, feedback, advice … through difficult or curious times. However, I have often joked that they were my “rent-a-friends.”

Personally, I much prefer to offer this kind of support to people without charge to remove that sensitive component, but the predominant paradigm still causes most people to not value what they do not have to pay for … and even to have to make some sacrifice to do so. In not valuing the crucial help they have received for free, they ignore it and reap no life-changing benefit from it. It’s not the way I would have things be, but it is the way things are at the moment until we all shift into the New Paradigm where ALL IS EASY.

I have received recent requests for personal consultations, people asking to be taught by me or to be able to go through my program, people wanting to get help setting up their own retreats … all things I can do and will, but have been putting off pending the outcomes of several projects in the works. But an email I received last night tipped me over to finally write this announcement:

I am officially announcing I will resume offering conscious channelling sessions, personal energy management education and individually customized programs:

• from health and cleansing guidance

• emotional tools for coping with confusing times

• spiritual insight and support into the specific and most immediate steps people can take to reach a place of peace and acceptance to deal with world changes without needless suffering

With this information and the follow-up support I can provide in person, at a distance (Skype/phone/energetic) as well as through writings and guidance for what supplements, self-treatments, life-choices and activities to implement in their life, many people who know they need help to negotiate the BIG changes we are all facing, can get the individual attention they need.

A “reading” with me is as simple as a conversation with someone who for some reason “get’s” what you are going through and has some surprising ways of helping you understand yourself better, forgive yourself and can give you simple pragmatic ideas of how to feel more integrated in your process and, most importantly, effective!

Whatever your goals may be:

• to be healthier physically

• to improve your fitness

• to do deep cleansing physically, emotionally and spiritually

• to learn to manage your energy to always be in balance

• to discover your true purpose for being here and help you know where to start

I can help by merely being the message-bearer of up-to-the-minute channelled knowledge from the Divine Realm, as well as drawing upon a base of accumulated (yet ever evolving) knowledge from career as a cleansing, fitness and energy-management expert.

If this kind of support is what you know you need and after getting to know me through reading my writings and you would like to schedule a time for either one session or a series, contact me to set up a time to get started.

I will also build into this site and another site specifically devoted to Retreat Programs some tools to be made available to my clients (who I will consider GRC Members) to assist them in daily practices they may wish to implement as a result of working with me.

This is just one way I can give value to the people who show up to monetarily support the vast purpose that so many of us share, as well as to assist anyone who wishes to work with me in making it happen — to be READY to do their part.

First approximate one hour session $100. It will be recorded and sent to you as an mp3 file.

For a series, a per/hour price-reduction can be arranged according to the number of sessions pre-paid.

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